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Please leave words of encouragement and prayers. They help us lift up our arms as we are in the midst of a battle for the souls of young men and women.


Posted June 12, 2009 by Seeds of Love

7 responses to “Leave a Prayer

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  1. Rachel..I can’t make the trip in October but am trying to set up a trip next year, etc. Sending along some supplies and my prayers for all of you. Renee sent me a long list of kids and I’d like you to help me pick one to pray for, assist as I am able, etc…preferably a young boy, fatherless, grandfatherless, etc in need…you be the judge. Hope all is well with you and yours…still grinding away on “Rachel’s Well” God Bless…Ron

  2. Hello Rachele
    I am so inspired by your site. i could not find a contact email for you. We are on a mission a lot like yours and I was wondering if i could get an email address from you.
    If you wouldnt mind, I would love to be able to chat a little with you and aska few questions. We are a family of 6 who have been led and driven to open a home in Peru for children. At this time we are in Orlando FLorida preparing and making way for this to happen. We have been living in an RV and traveling across the USA doing random acts of service. We know that we are being led to do this, and we have many great plans dreams and desires.
    Would you mind if I sent you an email?
    My email address is momofmy4@msn.com
    Thanks y ou
    Kati Evans

  3. Dear Rachel,

    I come to visit your website often. I so enjoy browsing through the pictures! It’s obvious that God’s hand is on all you and your husband do. I pray for your ministry as well as your health.

    I’m preparing to go long term to Haiti this summer. You are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the amazing work for Jesus. 🙂

    Your sister in Christ,
    Bev Mazurowski
    Gap Sister
    Southeast Christian Church
    Louisville, KY

  4. Hi! My husband and I are on our way to Lima tonight. We are bringing 2 suitcases full of children’s items and would really like to get them to you. Any chance you could meet us? We arrive in Lima 9/7 3pm and leave on an early flight the next morning to Cusco. I hope we can work it out!

  5. hey girl love all the photos….and updates, may the God of Heaven and Earth be praise,always and always. love n hugs.

  6. Dear Rachel, So great to get connected with you all! Looking forward to supporting you in any way that I can and especially in prayer!
    Kimberly Avera Louisville, KY

  7. its always a honour to hear of what God is doing…and may he continue to show favour on all that you do…HUgs my prayers and blessings for prosperity , on you, ur family, an d ministry…nuff love, ur Guyanese pal….Guyana , Southamerica

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