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December 2008  I spent the month preparing for Christmas for the children’s clubs. Every weekend, the team taught about the birth of Jesus, and the purpose of their lives on earth. The week before Christmas, each club had a special dinner, serving 170 kids. The kids sang “Happy birthday” to Jesus and ate birthday cake. At the end, each child received a bag full of goodies (food and hygienic items, toys, etc.). It was a very special celebration.

January 2009 I planned for a conference in Tamshiyacu, a large village on the Amazon River. First, I took invitations to six key villages, who, in turn, invited other villages. Then I went to Tamshiyacu and met with the leaders to organize the hospitality, food, and conference schedule. I made the budget for food, transportation, and gasoline for the generator. The conference took place in March.

February, March After a beautiful wedding, on February 7, my wife Rachel and I traveled to several South American countries for our honeymoon. The six weeks together was a blessing. March 3-6 was the conference in Tamshiyacu; more than ten villages attended. A mission group from the States ministered to 100 pastors and leaders.

April We returned from our honeymoon running. Easter was the focus. Rachel taught the club children about the last week of Jesus’ life, and his death, resurrection, and ascension. I helped her with whatever she needed: preparing the hands-on activities, playing games with the kids, being Jesus’ donkey for Palm Sunday, and dressing up as a chicken to give out stuffed eggs that my mom had sewed for Easter. The children loved their gifts and the lunch—eggs that they had dyed. The last week of the month, 65 kids came, doubling the number from March. Glory to God!

May On May 2, my team of 20 went to a village called Shushumi. We taught the Easter story, gave out stuffed eggs, fed 35 children plus parents, and encouraged the Christians in the local church.

June-August I am working on the logistics (budget, planning) for three teams from the US that will work in various villages. I will help lead these teams when they arrive this summer.

Prayer Requests

  • My new married life
  • My visa to the US
  • The mission groups that will come to minister in the villages
  • Spiritual growth among the club children
  • More financial supporters

Thank you for your prayers—for the plans that God has for me, Rachel, and our future and children’s ministry. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans of peace, to give you a future and a hope.”


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