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Our goals are to disciple the kids who are in our ministry and to reach more children, offering His forgiveness, grace, and love. With your help, we can do that!


1. Pray for:

  • the ministry (wisdom, protection, monthly/ project/ child support)
  • the children (regular attendance, open hearts, turning away from the world and toward the Lord, a desire to follow and serve the Lord and become strong godly leaders and ministers)
  • the parents (accepting Jesus as Savior, attending church)
  • the team (unity, grace, growth in the Lord, faithfulness, hope in the hard times)


2. Our monthly budget is $3,455. We are currently raising $1,955. So we need an additional $,1500 in monthly donations.

To make a donation, send check to: Youth With A Mission, PO Box 234, Fergus Falls, MN 56538. To receive a tax-deduction, make check out to YWAM and attach a sticky-note with “Seeds of Love” on it. You can also use PayPal if you have an account (you must open an account first or we will be charged)–just make sure you write “Seeds of Love” in the comment box, so the money will be accounted to our ministry.

We appreciate one-time gifts, but especially need monthly donations. Feel free to ask us for a complete budget.


 3. Sponsor a once-a-year project:

  • School for Parents: $600
  • Vacation Bible School: $600
  • Youth Camp: $600
  • Kids Camp: $600
  • Evangelistic project: $400
  • Back to School supplies: $300 (for kids without sponsors)
  • Christmas for 80 kids: $800 (party, food, gifts for kids without sponsors, food baskets for families without sponsors)


4. Sponsor a child:

We ask for a minimum of $22/month, but additional money will help the child more, with food at Club and other activities or needs. This helps with school supplies, Christmas gifts, and a birthday outing (gifts). An additional gift of $25 provides a food basket and chicken for the family at Christmas time (most families will not have a Christmas meal without this help).


5. Come on a mission trip or intern with us:

  • Children’s projects
  • Construction
  • Leadership training for the church and youth




Posted July 21, 2012 by Seeds of Love

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