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Seeds of Love, a Peruvian-run children’s ministry, works with 80+underpriviledged children and their families. Our desire is to bring them God’s joy and purpose. These families are extremely poor, earning on average $3/day,  living in slums along the river, and often only eat one meal of rice a day.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: to give the children an opportunity to escape poverty, both materially and spiritually.

OUR MISSION: to provide the children and youth with spiritual education and leadership and evangelistic opportunities, and to disciple them to be involved in God’s mission to reach all people groups for Jesus and to develop deep Christian values that will keep them on the straight and narrow all the days of their lives.

We also assist with educational and material needs, and work to bring unity to the families.

See how we realize our philosophy and mission in “What Seeds of Love does.”

Seeds of Love depends on monthly support, one-time donations, project sponsors, and children sponsors. Leave a comment in this blog, with your email address, so we can contact you. Let us know how you want to help (see “Be a Seed-Planter”). Thanks.


Posted June 27, 2012 by Seeds of Love

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