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Jungle Jewelry   Leave a comment

Do you need a Christmas gift? I have a few dozen sets of jewelry made by Josue’s mom, using native Amazon nuts, fish scales, balsa wood, and seeds (including the red and black huayruro). Each unique set includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The cost is $20; bird earrings and key chains cost $5 (plus shipping if I mail it to you).

Proceeds benefit Seeds of Love and would be greatly bless our ministry. Order today!


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Help Needed for VBS!   Leave a comment

sumergedIn June, Joela and I attended a VBS at Okolona Church of Christ, where the theme was “being submerged in God’s Word.” It was awesome and we want to duplicate it in Peru. The church kindly gave us their left over materials. I am ordering the VBS kit in Spanish (from Lifeway). (After years of creating my own materials, it’s wonderful to have materials available in Spanish that are perfect for our kids.) If you could help with an immediate one-time donation of $50, I would be so grateful.

VBS (including the VBS kit) costs $300. So if you want to help out with the whole amount, that would be great too.

Actually, it would help a lot to have a Seeds of Love friend commit to a yearly donation of $300 for VBS so I don’t have to seek support every year for this program–like sponsoring a child but sponsoring VBS! This is when our kids invite new kids, so it’s always a time of growth and reaching more kids for the Lord!

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Joela’s Story   Leave a comment

teachIn late May 2016, at age 5, Joela understood her need for a Savior to save her from her sin, from hell. She prayed with her papa and me to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Since then, she has sought to learn God’s Word and understand His truths. She told me we have to tell everyone we can about Jesus so none are lost and go to hell but all have the opportunity to know Jesus and have eternal life in Heaven.

In late October 2016, Joela and Sofia were playing at the park. I was ministering to a mom, from Mexico, in Spanish. Joela took her children and their friends, 6 girls aged 7-12, and asked them to sit down with her. She said, “Did you know Jesus made all this beautiful nature you see? He did! He also made you and He loves you very much. So much that He left all the good stuff He had in Heaven and came here to earth to die on the cross for our sins. If you believe in Him, you won’t go to hell but will have eternal life. God has called me to be a full-time missionary, so I want to tell you that you have that choice to believe in Him. Never forget that He’s always there for you when you need Him and that He loves you very much!”

All this mommy can say, with humble heart, is “Wow!”

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