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dscn7249The youth group celebrated 13 years of ministry this weekend. In 2003, they began with about 3 youth and are now about 33 strong! Praise the Lord!

Anniversary Conference: Josue spent the month of September preparing for the Youth Anniversary Celebration.He visited about 20 churches, sharing about the event and inviting Christians to participate.


Carlos from Colombia: A good  friend of ours Carlos, from Bogota, Colombia, is the manager of well-known Christian bands throughout Latin America, including Rojo (google “No Me Soltaras,” one of my all-time favorite songs). He came to lead a three-day conference with our youth, encouraging them to walk strong in an evil world. The kids were greatly encouraged and blessed by his visit.


Omarh and Church Unity: One of the singers Carlos manages, Omarh Herrera, also from Bogota, joined him in Iquitos. Josue organized this city-wide event, which turned out to be spectacular, as a time of worship and also of the unity of churches that had never worshiped together before! In fact, the pastors have asked Josue to continue to coordinate “peace-making” events and youth camps for the churches in Iquitos, including bringing in musicians and evangelists. We hope this concert, which included a catered meal, will open many doors for Seeds of Love.
A note on Omarh: When I attended YWAM’s “Children-At-Risk” school in Bogota in 2007, my friend Carlos presented me to Omarh and we went to a few of his concerts, and I got to hang out with him and his crew. He has a great heart. If you are friends with Seeds of Love or our youth group Jovenes Kadesh (Iquitos, Peru) on Facebook, you will see a greeting and song he sent our youth a few weeks ago. You can also google “Omarh Herrera” to hear him sing—check out his most famous song “Dulce Compania.” He has a sweet voice and great lyrics; he’s a transparent and godly man. He sang “Linda” (written for his wife) to me and Josue once (now it’s “our” song!).

Omarh and Seeds of Love Club: Omarh led Club on Sunday morning! He sang a little, played games, taught a lesson, and just hung out with the kids. What a special time for all of Seeds of Love, our youth group, and the city of Iquitos! What an incredible blessing!

For all the photos, ask me, and I will email you that Newsletter.


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