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By poetry we mean the art of doing by means of words what the painter does by means of colors—Thomas B. Macaulay

Ministering to children through the gift of teaching makes me feel alive. It´s exciting to see my students learn new concepts and express themselves in new ways. Three days a week from January to February, I taught a poetry/art class (part of my graduate work over 10 years ago!). I had taught this course before, but this was the first time in Spanish! The students learned to use words creatively to make nonsensical and meaningful poems, incorporating art. They incorporated into their poetry onomatopoeia, Bible verses, acrostics, free verse, rhyme and rhythm, cinquain, and haiku. They learned to draw stylistic portraits with oil pastels. The kids were stretched and grew in their ability to write poetry. Beautiful!

Here is our final poem (translated):
By Jahaziel, Greysi, Iris, Oscar, Alberto, and Rachel
26 February 2013

I am from the drum stick.
I am from chalk.
I am from the fish hook.
I am from magic tricks.
I am from a leaf.
I am from a smile.
I am from swimming in the river.

I am from a pirouette.
I am from the ballet ribbon.
I am from Psalm 19.
I am from jumping rope.
I am from the sunflower.
I am from Mama´s cooking.
I am from the kitty cat.

I am from volleyball.
I am from bread.
I am from mathematics.
I am from choreographies.
I am from tears.
I am from joy.
I am from taking walks.

I am from CR7.
I am from the photograph.
I am from coconut.
I am from letters of the alphabet.
I am from adventures.
I am from playing defense.
I am from a joke.

I am from cement and a saw.
I am from the goal post.
I am from fish in the water.
I am from mangos.
I am from praising God.
I am from the earth in a garden.
I am from mission trips.

I am from words.
I am from the child´s heart.
I am from a butterfly´s colors.
I am from peace.
I am from rain and wind.
I am from the voice of God.
I am from traveling.


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