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Youth Camp got off to a great start. The 20 youth, ages 10-16 (and my 26 year old brother in law Jonas), were in a seminary, taught by Duane Crumb, founder and director of HIVHope, and translated by me. The seminary was 25 hours long, and covered much information on HIV. The students learned a lot and worked on projects which they will present on Friday.

On Saturday night, another church’s youth group joined ours. Duane taught 1 Corinthians 10:13, that God provides us with an escape from temptation. And on Sunday night, he preached on the Good Samaritan, how the church tends to avoid people with HIV like the priest did, but that God wants us to love, embrace, and help everyone, regardless of what they’ve done. Afterward, Pastor Ahuite gave an invitation for repentance and about 15 young people came forward for prayer.

Duane is our first guest in our guest room, finished just hours before he arrived! Joela warmed up quickly to Papa Duane, and adopted him as a grandpa.

We celebrated a camper, Edy’s birthday on Tuesday evening, giving him a cake and Bible with his name inscribed on it sent from his sponsor. He was very pleased and has been using his Bible all week.

Afterward, the kids had a costume competition, of which Duane and I were the judges. It was fun. Jonas won first place for his cute clown act, and Oscar second for his ferocious Hulk presentation.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Because of that we were able to provide our youth with 3 meals a day, fun, and a life-changing message.


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