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Youth Camp 3   Leave a comment

Friday night, Duane handed out diplomas to all the campers. He said he was impressed and proud of them, although young, had applied themselves and taken the information to heart. He challenged them to not keep the information they´ve learned to themselves, rather share it with others.

We enjoyed a special dinner together.

Saturday we traveled about an hour away to a village, to share time with the youth group there. We spent a few hours, teaching the material and eating together. Duane started out and then I started teaching, with the kids sharing their projects. Duane was pleased that we could take over without him. “I’ve done my job!” he smiled.


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Youth Camp 2   Leave a comment

The first 3 days of the 6-day seminar were classes explaining HIV and how we can (1) prevent getting infection and (2) help others who are sick. It was heavy material for this age group and a challenge for me (translating/explaining) and the students, but Duane had a lot of patience with us, and by Thursday we had a good grasp of the information. Each camper was asked to create a way to show something they´d learned. They rehearsed on Thursday evening and on Friday morning, they presented dramas, songs, poems, and posters. One presented a radio show and another showed learning about HIV on the Internet. They were very creative.

Each evening were different activities. Thursday evening was a karaoke.

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Youth Camp 1   Leave a comment

Youth Camp got off to a great start. The 20 youth, ages 10-16 (and my 26 year old brother in law Jonas), were in a seminary, taught by Duane Crumb, founder and director of HIVHope, and translated by me. The seminary was 25 hours long, and covered much information on HIV. The students learned a lot and worked on projects which they will present on Friday.

On Saturday night, another church’s youth group joined ours. Duane taught 1 Corinthians 10:13, that God provides us with an escape from temptation. And on Sunday night, he preached on the Good Samaritan, how the church tends to avoid people with HIV like the priest did, but that God wants us to love, embrace, and help everyone, regardless of what they’ve done. Afterward, Pastor Ahuite gave an invitation for repentance and about 15 young people came forward for prayer.

Duane is our first guest in our guest room, finished just hours before he arrived! Joela warmed up quickly to Papa Duane, and adopted him as a grandpa.

We celebrated a camper, Edy’s birthday on Tuesday evening, giving him a cake and Bible with his name inscribed on it sent from his sponsor. He was very pleased and has been using his Bible all week.

Afterward, the kids had a costume competition, of which Duane and I were the judges. It was fun. Jonas won first place for his cute clown act, and Oscar second for his ferocious Hulk presentation.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Because of that we were able to provide our youth with 3 meals a day, fun, and a life-changing message.

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Baptism 2013   1 comment

Three of our Club kids were baptized this week, Barbara, Lucia, and Jennifer. They, along with two others, took the 8-week baptism/membership course, and then committed their lives to Christ in public. The baptism was in the river, near the poor area that we serve. A lot of Club kids and parents took part, as well as others from the neighborhood. It was a holy time.

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Hover your mouse over each photo to see the kids´ names.

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VBS was a success. As predicted an average of 100 children came every day (a few less the first day and a lot more the last day)! We had 40 new children attend, and hopefully several will stay on (as happens each year). We taught 2 Commandments each day Monday through Friday; by Saturday, many kids were able to quote and explain all 10 them. We had a really good time all week, playing games, coloring, singing, and learning.

Despite all the kids running around, the only problem we had was that we kept running out of food each day and had to buy more! We had just enough money to cover our expenses and to give small donations to the 2 cooks and to Mama Luz who coordinated the meals.

On Saturday, we gave out prizes to kids who attended every day and who brought visitors (one kid invited 10 friends). And we gave ice cream to the Elementary Class, who won the competition—for attendance, visitors, correct answers, and memorizing the 10 Commandments.

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