Joela´s 2nd Birthday Party   2 comments

On Friday, Joela turned 2. She had 15 friends along with family members come to her Dora-themed birthday party on Friday. We had it in a recently painted room. Everyone colored a Dora page to give to her. They ate snacks and received little Dora prizes. Joela liked the games we played and the gifts she received. After a nice traditional lunch prepared by Mama Luz, I cut the cake (first one I´ve ever baked and decorated) and Joela ate her first ever piece of cake. It was fun. Happy Birthday, Little Girl!


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2 responses to “Joela´s 2nd Birthday Party

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  1. I AM SO SORRRY I missed Joela’s birthday! I did not have it written down in my book where I keep track of birthdays, or on my calendar!!! Please forgive me!!! I feel like I have been in a fog lately, and working extra!! that’s no excuse, I am so sorry!!! I also realized I haven’t sent my contribution as yet! I am putting it in the mail today! Tell Joela Grampa Carl said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Love, Carl P.S.She looks just like Dora!!!

    On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 2:24 AM, SEEDS OF LOVE

  2. Looks like the party was really fun. I can’t get over how grown up Joela looks now since I last saw her in person. Thinking of you guys and looking forward to introducing you to baby McGarity when you return to the states!

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