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On Sunday December 23, we had a special Christmas time with the Club kids. The choir sang a song, the dance group performed a choreography, and we sang Silent Night (Noche de Paz) together. The students from my reading class acted out the Nativity story, which turned into a sweet comedy as the story-teller was Mary´s donkey. Hee-haw! The kids enjoyed decorating foam Christmas trees. Thanks to my stepmom Denise for sending this craft. They also made birthday cards for Jesus, coloring one side and writing a Happy Birthday letter on the other side. The meal was hard-boiled eggs, bread, and an oatmeal drink. It was a nice, peaceful morning.

Thanks to a donation from Paul and Elizabeth so we could buy chairs (we also received a donation from Dr. Boyd to help with this project). It gave us enough seats last Sunday for the Celebration, as well as providing seats for the kids on a weekly basis. Out of the couple´s donation, we gave Mama Luz a Christmas bonus (she doesn´t receive any payment, so it was nice to be able to have a way to say thanks), plus a small donation to the moms who cooked last week´s meal that fed 150 people.


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