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Thanks to several extra donations, we provided food baskets (rice, oil, salt, noodles, milk, sugar, juice, oatmeal, fruit cake, soda pop, and hot chocolate) and chickens for 12 Club families. They were surprised and grateful for the help with their Christmas meal. We asked them to eat together and remember God´s blessings.

The Club kids are (in order of photos): (1-2) Jairo, Ariel, Abril, Peniel, Maria Liz (3-4) Rangel, Juan Carlos, Mery, Layú, Joshua (5) Rochy, David, Dayana. (6-7) Gabriela, Barbara, Marcelo, Yoli, David. (8) Anderson, Dorian, Gianella, Marco (9) Anderson, Jennifer, Patrick, Jean Franco, Arlet (10) Arquimedes, Rosa, Laura (Maira died this year) (11) Natali, Renzo, Angelo, cousins (12) Oscar, Milagros (13) Pablo (14) Lucia (15) Greysi, Jahasiel.

We also delivered toys and stuffed animals to these Club children, including several kids who don´t yet have sponsors. Thanks to my mom, Pastor Ken Toczyski, and everyone at First Alliance Church in Louisville for sending us these gifts.

Play “Where´s Waldo?” and find all 12 chickens! I´ve found two–see last picture! 🙂


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