Interested in a Mission Trip to the Amazon?   Leave a comment

We are seeking to have a couple of mission trips in 2013. Southeast Christian supports our ministry but is not able to coordinate a mission trip at this time. We are looking for a small group, ABF class, or family to come and help us for a week! The group should include 4-10 very flexible people. The trip would include ministering during Club, visiting homes, and other activities. We also have some manual labor (mostly painting) that we need help with. We can coordinate a river trip to a nearby village if desired. The group can plan a free day to take a trip on the Amazon, go to the butterfly and monkey farm or visit the Bora tribe for a native dance.

The cost (a guestimate) is $2,500 for a week (includes transportation, hotel with A/C, meals, and a donation to the ministry; does not include any offerings to the church or needy children, tourist excursions and purchases, or snacks). I can help you with a fund-raising letter if you want.

Let me know if you are interested. April-June are good times and the best times for us (less busy) and for you to travel (coolest months of the year…by 5 degrees).

Just 4 degrees south of the Equator, Iquitos is the largest city in the world that is only accessible by boat or air. Please come and leave your mark! Click on the following links to learn more about Life in Peru and Iquitos:


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