10 Children to Sponsor   Leave a comment

Let me know if you want to sponsor one of these children. We ask a minimum of $20/month ($240/year) to provide a shopping trip for the child’s birthday, a Christmas gift, basic back to school supplies, and to help provide a meal at Club each week. Thank you.

Photo descriptions (hover your mouse over pix for name and birthdate):
1. Patrick A. (lives in projects, active, hungry for attention)
2. Luis (cousin of Luigui, orphan, lives in projects, quiet)
3. Dayana (“Diana”) (lives in one room with parents, older siblings Rochy and David, and baby brother)
4. Gianella (“Janela”) (little sister of Dorian B., half-sister to Anderson M, both boys have attended since 2007, neighbors of Mama Luz, she is somewhat hyper as were her brothers who have now calmed down)
5. Juan Carlos (twin, lives on my street with 4 siblings and parents and grandparents, father unsaved, troubled home, both twins are amazing soccer players, both are wild and sweet)
6. Angelo (smart and funny, lives with cousins Natali and Renzo, their parents, and his dad who is gone a lot, working on the river )
7, 8. Sisters Daniela and Kimberly (live in projects, quiet, don’t attend school because mom doesn’t see importance, 16 year old sister dropped out of school and is now working full time)
9, 10. Sisters Carolina and Julissa (come from a village 30 minutes away each week, very sweet and mature)


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