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“Life’s is not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep movin´ forward. That´s how winnin´ is done!” Rocky Balboa

This class began as a fun extracurricular activity, to engage 12 young people, chosen for their leadership potential.  I thought it would be like the adult classes I have taught (and been paid for), with the students eager to learn, faithful to class, and completing their homework. However, I saw that these children have not had much encouragement to study and think for themselves, or training to organize their time. They have difficulty analyzing personal questions and applying information to their own lives. For example, they can answer, “How did Edmund get saved from the witch?” or “What was the Faun´s name?” but not “Why did Aslan have to die?” or “Would you have forgiven Edmund if he were your brother? How do you forgive your siblings?”

The reading of each chapter took an hour (I could read the whole book in an hour!). I had to basically give the exams verbally. Each homework assignment took 2 or 3 tries for them to understand what I wanted and complete it. When I read the day´s devotional from the Psalms, it took a several readings and many probing questions for the children to be able to understand it and share something they´d learned for personal application.

I took some hard hits over the last 3 months, but I will keep moving forward! Satan might be angry but he will not prevail. With God´s help, I will win the hearts and minds of these children.

Next book (starting early next year), I will continue with several of the same children and add a few new ones. I pray those who participate will continue to develop their ability to analyze and apply the information. Information is just that if it´s not taken to heart.


“Aslan is dangerous. But he´s good. He´s king.” –Mr. Beaver

We don´t know what God is thinking; we don´t see the big picture as He does.  He cannot be controlled or defined.

“From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job: Why do you talk so much when you know so little? Now get ready to face me! Can you answer the questions I ask? How did I lay the foundation for the earth? Were you there? Doubtless you know who decided its length and width. What supports the foundation? Who placed the cornerstone, while morning stars sang, and angels rejoiced? I am the Lord All-Powerful.”—Job

God is good. He is King of the Universe, yet He cares for the intimate details of everything He´s created. And most of all, He cares for us, His best creation! How good He is.


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