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Club: Christmas Craft and Nativity Story   Leave a comment

On Sunday December 23, we had a special Christmas time with the Club kids. The choir sang a song, the dance group performed a choreography, and we sang Silent Night (Noche de Paz) together. The students from my reading class acted out the Nativity story, which turned into a sweet comedy as the story-teller was Mary´s donkey. Hee-haw! The kids enjoyed decorating foam Christmas trees. Thanks to my stepmom Denise for sending this craft. They also made birthday cards for Jesus, coloring one side and writing a Happy Birthday letter on the other side. The meal was hard-boiled eggs, bread, and an oatmeal drink. It was a nice, peaceful morning.

Thanks to a donation from Paul and Elizabeth so we could buy chairs (we also received a donation from Dr. Boyd to help with this project). It gave us enough seats last Sunday for the Celebration, as well as providing seats for the kids on a weekly basis. Out of the couple´s donation, we gave Mama Luz a Christmas bonus (she doesn´t receive any payment, so it was nice to be able to have a way to say thanks), plus a small donation to the moms who cooked last week´s meal that fed 150 people.


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Christmas Food Baskets   Leave a comment

Thanks to several extra donations, we provided food baskets (rice, oil, salt, noodles, milk, sugar, juice, oatmeal, fruit cake, soda pop, and hot chocolate) and chickens for 12 Club families. They were surprised and grateful for the help with their Christmas meal. We asked them to eat together and remember God´s blessings.

The Club kids are (in order of photos): (1-2) Jairo, Ariel, Abril, Peniel, Maria Liz (3-4) Rangel, Juan Carlos, Mery, Layú, Joshua (5) Rochy, David, Dayana. (6-7) Gabriela, Barbara, Marcelo, Yoli, David. (8) Anderson, Dorian, Gianella, Marco (9) Anderson, Jennifer, Patrick, Jean Franco, Arlet (10) Arquimedes, Rosa, Laura (Maira died this year) (11) Natali, Renzo, Angelo, cousins (12) Oscar, Milagros (13) Pablo (14) Lucia (15) Greysi, Jahasiel.

We also delivered toys and stuffed animals to these Club children, including several kids who don´t yet have sponsors. Thanks to my mom, Pastor Ken Toczyski, and everyone at First Alliance Church in Louisville for sending us these gifts.

Play “Where´s Waldo?” and find all 12 chickens! I´ve found two–see last picture! 🙂

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Christmas Celebration   1 comment

150 kids and parents attended our Christmas celebration. The kids shared choreographies, songs, and a candlelight carol. Thanks to all the sponsors who sent in donations for your children, and those of you who sent in extra donations. Because of that, we were able to give gifts to all the regular Club kids (it was unplanned, but Joela did a great job helping!), a meal (chiciken, rice, salad, fruitcake, and hot chocolate) to all who came, and a bag of popcorn, chips, and candy to over 100 kids. They were all very happy. It was a fun evening.

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Sponsored Children’s Gifts   Leave a comment

To Anderson L from Jim
To Argelia from Scott and Amy
To Barbara from Denise
To Bianca from Majors
To Danna from Marcela
To Darla from Beckie
To David from Leah (2)
To Estefani from Renee
To Jahasiel from Don
To Jean Franco from John
To Jen from Joann
To Luigui and Luis from Kathy (4)
To Renzo from Ken and Pat
To Mery from Phil and Madeline

Hover mouse over photos for names of kids who received gifts for their birthdays (mailed packages or shopping outings). Thanks to all you who sponsor kids for your faithfulness and generosity.

We have 10 children we would like to match to a sponsor, let me know if you want to help.

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Interested in a Mission Trip to the Amazon?   Leave a comment

We are seeking to have a couple of mission trips in 2013. Southeast Christian supports our ministry but is not able to coordinate a mission trip at this time. We are looking for a small group, ABF class, or family to come and help us for a week! The group should include 4-10 very flexible people. The trip would include ministering during Club, visiting homes, and other activities. We also have some manual labor (mostly painting) that we need help with. We can coordinate a river trip to a nearby village if desired. The group can plan a free day to take a trip on the Amazon, go to the butterfly and monkey farm or visit the Bora tribe for a native dance.

The cost (a guestimate) is $2,500 for a week (includes transportation, hotel with A/C, meals, and a donation to the ministry; does not include any offerings to the church or needy children, tourist excursions and purchases, or snacks). I can help you with a fund-raising letter if you want.

Let me know if you are interested. April-June are good times and the best times for us (less busy) and for you to travel (coolest months of the year…by 5 degrees).

Just 4 degrees south of the Equator, Iquitos is the largest city in the world that is only accessible by boat or air. Please come and leave your mark! Click on the following links to learn more about Life in Peru and Iquitos:

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10 Children to Sponsor   Leave a comment

Let me know if you want to sponsor one of these children. We ask a minimum of $20/month ($240/year) to provide a shopping trip for the child’s birthday, a Christmas gift, basic back to school supplies, and to help provide a meal at Club each week. Thank you.

Photo descriptions (hover your mouse over pix for name and birthdate):
1. Patrick A. (lives in projects, active, hungry for attention)
2. Luis (cousin of Luigui, orphan, lives in projects, quiet)
3. Dayana (“Diana”) (lives in one room with parents, older siblings Rochy and David, and baby brother)
4. Gianella (“Janela”) (little sister of Dorian B., half-sister to Anderson M, both boys have attended since 2007, neighbors of Mama Luz, she is somewhat hyper as were her brothers who have now calmed down)
5. Juan Carlos (twin, lives on my street with 4 siblings and parents and grandparents, father unsaved, troubled home, both twins are amazing soccer players, both are wild and sweet)
6. Angelo (smart and funny, lives with cousins Natali and Renzo, their parents, and his dad who is gone a lot, working on the river )
7, 8. Sisters Daniela and Kimberly (live in projects, quiet, don’t attend school because mom doesn’t see importance, 16 year old sister dropped out of school and is now working full time)
9, 10. Sisters Carolina and Julissa (come from a village 30 minutes away each week, very sweet and mature)

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Reading Group   Leave a comment

“Life’s is not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep movin´ forward. That´s how winnin´ is done!” Rocky Balboa

This class began as a fun extracurricular activity, to engage 12 young people, chosen for their leadership potential.  I thought it would be like the adult classes I have taught (and been paid for), with the students eager to learn, faithful to class, and completing their homework. However, I saw that these children have not had much encouragement to study and think for themselves, or training to organize their time. They have difficulty analyzing personal questions and applying information to their own lives. For example, they can answer, “How did Edmund get saved from the witch?” or “What was the Faun´s name?” but not “Why did Aslan have to die?” or “Would you have forgiven Edmund if he were your brother? How do you forgive your siblings?”

The reading of each chapter took an hour (I could read the whole book in an hour!). I had to basically give the exams verbally. Each homework assignment took 2 or 3 tries for them to understand what I wanted and complete it. When I read the day´s devotional from the Psalms, it took a several readings and many probing questions for the children to be able to understand it and share something they´d learned for personal application.

I took some hard hits over the last 3 months, but I will keep moving forward! Satan might be angry but he will not prevail. With God´s help, I will win the hearts and minds of these children.

Next book (starting early next year), I will continue with several of the same children and add a few new ones. I pray those who participate will continue to develop their ability to analyze and apply the information. Information is just that if it´s not taken to heart.


“Aslan is dangerous. But he´s good. He´s king.” –Mr. Beaver

We don´t know what God is thinking; we don´t see the big picture as He does.  He cannot be controlled or defined.

“From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job: Why do you talk so much when you know so little? Now get ready to face me! Can you answer the questions I ask? How did I lay the foundation for the earth? Were you there? Doubtless you know who decided its length and width. What supports the foundation? Who placed the cornerstone, while morning stars sang, and angels rejoiced? I am the Lord All-Powerful.”—Job

God is good. He is King of the Universe, yet He cares for the intimate details of everything He´s created. And most of all, He cares for us, His best creation! How good He is.

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