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New Fridge   Leave a comment

We have had several fundraisers lately—the soccer competitions and snacks sold are helping to pay for the youth group to have camp next February. We are blessed that a minister will be coming to teach a seminar called HIV Hope, talking about purity, marriage, and sexual diseases. What the kids learn they will then take to a village to share the information.

We are so thankful for 3 donations we received to be able to buy a refigerator (from Rodney and Linda, Rosemarie, and Aunt Susan)! The fridge is three years old but works well (it has a new motor). It cost $1,800 brand new. It only cost us $370–including $100 for external repairs and a paint job to make it look like new, complete with the Seeds of Love logo. Now we can sell cold drinks, ice, and yogurt for fundraising; it also makes shopping and cooking for Club and camps easier.


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Papa Jorge´s Birthday   1 comment

Josué´s dad celebrated his 76th birthday. Josué made him banana bread as his cake (per Papa Jorge´s request). The Club kids sang to him, prayed for him, and gave him lots of hugs.

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Zoo Outing   Leave a comment

Thanks to Brad and Pam and family for their donation to send 15 of our regular Club families on an outing to the zoo (including the child they sponsor, Oscar, and his parents and sister (first time his dad´s participated in any of our events!). The donation included entrance fees, bus rental, and lunch for 50 people.

On Saturday, we enjoyed seeing many animals (dolphins, monkeys, pumas, native pigs, parrots, and fish) and a flower garden; eating lunch of rice and chicken wrapped in leaves plus fried banana, boiled eggs, popsicles from native fruit, and passion fruit juice; swimming in the lake; and encouraging the families to be unified together in Christ.

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Joela Prays   3 comments

Now 21 months, Joela is more fun each day. She´s learned to pray. Here she´s kneeling with her Papa. At the end of our (short) prayers, she always says, “Aaaaaamen.” Very cute!

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Literature Circle   Leave a comment

Eleven years ago, when I taught 5th grade in Louisville, literature circles was an important part of the learning process for my students. In groups, they read specific books, answered questions, and presented their learning through creative arts.

Now I am teaching a literature circle in Iquitos! Twelve children, ages 9 through 16, come every Saturday (Meshi, Lucia, Greysi, Jahasiel, Gabriela, Barbara, Nicol, Dimas, Danna, Jairo, Priscila, and Oscar). We are reading through CS Lewis´s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, in Spanish.

The class includes prayer time and Bible devotional, Scripture memorization, an English lesson, and refreshments. Towards the end, the kids will present what they learned through a drama or other creative means, and the last class, we will watch the movie.

The cost for this class, which began in September and runs until early December, is $10/student (photocopies, snacks), so $120 in total, if you´d like to make a special donation. Thanks!

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Please Sponsor a “Seeds of Love” Child   Leave a comment

Would you like to sponsor a child? We ask for $20/month, or $240/year. This allows us to provide food at Club, activities throughout the year, school supplies in early March, a birthday outing to shop for necessary items such as clothes and shoes, and Christmas presents and party. Let me know if you´d like to sponsor one of these great kids. Hover the mouse over the photo to find their names and birthdates.

Boys: Gabriel 8-13-02, Luis 3-7-03, Rangel 7-5-01

Girls: Sandra 7-22-05, Abril 6-22-08, Maria Liz 12-13-06

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