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In our backyard, we have sewage coming in from the neighbor. You can see a pix of their yard, which they use as their bathroom and petting zoo (last week, I counted 40 animals, including pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and an annoying parrot that lives under my window (not to mention a loud radio starting at 5am, a welding business, crying babies, and fighting relatives); it is so noisy and stinky—I´m glad we got glass windows installed; hotter but peaceful)!

When it rains, the dirty water seeps in through the cement in our walls and floods our yard, a recipe for disease. We asked them to put in a bathroom with tubes and even built a sewage system that runs from our house to theirs out to the street, but they refused to take advantage of it; in fact, as spite, they built up their backyard at an angle so the water runs directly to our wall. You can see the pix taken during the rainy season showing this problem. We are in the process of fortifying the wall with cement. It won´t help with the noise or smell but should keep the water from seeping through.

Last pix of sunset taken from my balcony.

The cost of fixing this problem is $1,500. We appreciate any help you can send our way. All donations are tax-deductible. Put “construction” on a post-it note and attach to check. Write “Peru” on memo line of check. Send to: Lifesong for Orphans* Attn: Peru * PO Box 40 * Gridley , IL 61744.


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