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Late August, Seeds of Love invited other churches and neighbors to play soccer in a competition. Club kids played, the guys played, even we girls played (see pix)! From the $1 entrance fee and sales from drinks and food, we raised $50. We spent this money on more snacks and drinks. The profits will pay for the youth camp in February.

This brings me to a need we have: A refrigerator would help us be better stewards of our time and money (we can shop once a week and store the meat, vegetables, yogurt, and drinks in the fridge). This would benefit serving meals at Club each week, School for Parents once a month, children´s camps, and selling food items throughout the week to raise money for Club activities, such as youth camp. The cost for a medium-size refrigerator is $384. We would like to buy this soon, as we are doing more fund-raisers and selling food items on a daily basis. Please let me know if you are able to make a donation specifically for this need. On your check, write Peru on memo line, and “refrigerator” on a post-it note and attach to check. Thanks!


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