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In June, Oscar began a 9-week baptism class. I went to the last one, and heard his testimony and desire to be part of the church family. This 13 year old comes from one of the poorest slums in Iquitos. He has been faithfully attending Club for over a year, and now his mom and little sister come to church with him. He never misses youth group, Bible study, prayer night, church, or Club. And he comes other times to help out with cleaning the church. He has a kind and obedient heart, a good sense of humor, and a willing spirit. Our assistant pastor, who led Oscar through the class, said he was pleased by his faithfulness to attend classes, even in pouring rain.

So last week, right after Club, with all the kids and families, including his mom supporting him, Oscar was baptized in the church baptistery (pool). He shared his testimony of wanting to live for Christ and then entered the pool with the pastor, Papa Jorge (Josué´s dad). To the joyful sound of 80 children singing “I have decided to follow Jesus,” Papa Jorge baptized Oscar “en el Nombre del Padre, Hijo, y Espiritu Santo.” Meshi (Alberto), who lives with us and is Oscar´s best friend, prayed for Oscar. It was a great moment, as Meshi was baptized last year and now is mentoring another. That´s how disciples are made! We all hugged Oscar, who had a big smile on his face.

Thanks to his sponsors, the L family, who helped to make this day special for Oscar. They sent him a cross necklace (and an additional one, which he gave to Meshi), a devotional in Spanish, and drawing paper, as gifts to honor his baptism. He was surprised and happy.


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