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Josué and the river team spent last week in a village 2 hours away. They taught several classes to pastors and leaders from Nauta and nearby villages. The lessons showed how the Old Testament points to the Lamb of God, sacrificed for our sins (Adam and Eve and the sheep´s clothing to cover them, the Passover and the lamb´s blood over the door, Abraham and Isaac when God provided a ram—messages of salvation, love, and forgiveness). We hope to engage our youth in these lessons and give them opportunities to teach them on upcoming river trips.

On Wednesday, along with my brother-in-law Daniel and Joela, I made the trek to Nauta to teach a lesson to the children. Daniel played games. His wife Isabel and Josué dressed up in costumes to make it more enjoyable. We all returned on Thursday. It was a great week.

My taxi ride cost $30 and the hotel for one night was $30. Food was included in the seminar, and Jousé, as a leader, was paid for.


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For the past 3 months, the youth group has been practicing dances, songs, skits, and choreographies to present to the Club kids. Yesterday they presented to the kids in our Club and their families.

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In our backyard, we have sewage coming in from the neighbor. You can see a pix of their yard, which they use as their bathroom and petting zoo (last week, I counted 40 animals, including pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and an annoying parrot that lives under my window (not to mention a loud radio starting at 5am, a welding business, crying babies, and fighting relatives); it is so noisy and stinky—I´m glad we got glass windows installed; hotter but peaceful)!

When it rains, the dirty water seeps in through the cement in our walls and floods our yard, a recipe for disease. We asked them to put in a bathroom with tubes and even built a sewage system that runs from our house to theirs out to the street, but they refused to take advantage of it; in fact, as spite, they built up their backyard at an angle so the water runs directly to our wall. You can see the pix taken during the rainy season showing this problem. We are in the process of fortifying the wall with cement. It won´t help with the noise or smell but should keep the water from seeping through.

Last pix of sunset taken from my balcony.

The cost of fixing this problem is $1,500. We appreciate any help you can send our way. All donations are tax-deductible. Put “construction” on a post-it note and attach to check. Write “Peru” on memo line of check. Send to: Lifesong for Orphans* Attn: Peru * PO Box 40 * Gridley , IL 61744.

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Late August, Seeds of Love invited other churches and neighbors to play soccer in a competition. Club kids played, the guys played, even we girls played (see pix)! From the $1 entrance fee and sales from drinks and food, we raised $50. We spent this money on more snacks and drinks. The profits will pay for the youth camp in February.

This brings me to a need we have: A refrigerator would help us be better stewards of our time and money (we can shop once a week and store the meat, vegetables, yogurt, and drinks in the fridge). This would benefit serving meals at Club each week, School for Parents once a month, children´s camps, and selling food items throughout the week to raise money for Club activities, such as youth camp. The cost for a medium-size refrigerator is $384. We would like to buy this soon, as we are doing more fund-raisers and selling food items on a daily basis. Please let me know if you are able to make a donation specifically for this need. On your check, write Peru on memo line, and “refrigerator” on a post-it note and attach to check. Thanks!

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In June, Oscar began a 9-week baptism class. I went to the last one, and heard his testimony and desire to be part of the church family. This 13 year old comes from one of the poorest slums in Iquitos. He has been faithfully attending Club for over a year, and now his mom and little sister come to church with him. He never misses youth group, Bible study, prayer night, church, or Club. And he comes other times to help out with cleaning the church. He has a kind and obedient heart, a good sense of humor, and a willing spirit. Our assistant pastor, who led Oscar through the class, said he was pleased by his faithfulness to attend classes, even in pouring rain.

So last week, right after Club, with all the kids and families, including his mom supporting him, Oscar was baptized in the church baptistery (pool). He shared his testimony of wanting to live for Christ and then entered the pool with the pastor, Papa Jorge (Josué´s dad). To the joyful sound of 80 children singing “I have decided to follow Jesus,” Papa Jorge baptized Oscar “en el Nombre del Padre, Hijo, y Espiritu Santo.” Meshi (Alberto), who lives with us and is Oscar´s best friend, prayed for Oscar. It was a great moment, as Meshi was baptized last year and now is mentoring another. That´s how disciples are made! We all hugged Oscar, who had a big smile on his face.

Thanks to his sponsors, the L family, who helped to make this day special for Oscar. They sent him a cross necklace (and an additional one, which he gave to Meshi), a devotional in Spanish, and drawing paper, as gifts to honor his baptism. He was surprised and happy.

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Barbara and Yoli, 2 Club kids (and sisters) received gifts from their sponsors. They were happy with their new clothes.

The third picture is our new pulpit, beautifully carved by a church member. The church, Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower) did fundraisers and saved for a year to be able to buy this special piece. Josué, Joela, and I revealed the pulpit and prayed for the church´s heart to be safe in God´s “Strong Tower.”

Our new annex Club, Gotitas de Amor (Little Drops of Love), is growing. We aren´t able to feed these kids, from a village 30 minutes away, but they come anyway. We are praying about something more permanent, if the Lord provides funds.

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Joela at 19 months   Leave a comment

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