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Here are photos of Iquitos and the surrounding rivers. We live in the zone called Belen, the poorest zone in Iquitos. Most of our ministry kids live in a slum area, called Invasion, 2 blocks from our house. It’s where their families have squatted enough time that the government just gave them the plot. Their houses are dirt floors, slabs of metal and wood planks for walls, and thatched roofs. Usually there are 1-2 small bedrooms with a bed for several people, a stove, and a table and chairs. Their backyard is a river, where they swim, bathe, and fish. There is a tragedy and beauty about this city surrounded by trees and water.

(Hover your mouse over the photos to see their titles.)

Go to for info on the pronunciation of Iquitos, population (in 2007, it’s doubled since then), location, and other interesting information. Also check out the following link’s amazing Amazon photos:


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