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Last month, I asked Meshi (Alberto) what he had on his heart for the youth group. “Helping and evangelizing flood victims” was his answer. Everyone pulled together to make it happen. The church and youth donated a lot of food items (thanks to Scott W. for providing 25 bags of rice). I taught classes on evangelizing. The youth group spent a lot of time practicing sharing the Gospel with one another and in prayer. Josue and I, with Meshi and Mama Luz, took a preview boat trip last week.

Saturday, the youth group and leaders boarded a boat, delivering gifts of food to 25 homes. These families have been living in their flooded homes—on slats of wood near the roof, with only kneeling space, some with young children, a fishing rod, wood fire, and a pot—for 5 months.

Out of the thousands of flooded homes, we believe God led us to those 25 homes. The families told us we were the first in all these months to visit them and bring them a bit of hope. It will still take several more months for the river to recede and the land to dry out.

At each home, 2 youth and one leader got out of the boat to stand in water or sit on the wooden slats of a home to share with them God´s love. Nine people, including 2 children, accepted Christ, and a few more recommitted their lives to God. We prayed with the families, invited them to church, and left the food.

Please pray with us that they will “grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus.” One 14-year old had NEVER heard of Jesus but said she´d always felt something missing in her life. I said, “It´s called ´eternity.´ God has put that space in all of us, and only He can fill it. You are made to live eternally; it´s up to you to decide where.” She chose Heaven! What an incredible day!

 “The only person that can satisfy the aching abyss of the human heart is Jesus Christ.” –Oswald Chambers

“My soul finds rest in God alone.” –Psalm 62:1


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  1. I am very thankful for your faithfulness!

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