Realized Dreams   1 comment

My friend Cory Cummings from the US is in town and last night, he shared with our church on letting God realize the dreams He’s put in our hearts. He then prayed for anyone who had a dream and needed help from God to realize it. Several families came forward; 3 youth responded to a call to missions; and 1 of our Club kids, 8-year-old Natali, confessed disobedience to her mom and asked for prayer for a changed heart—she was crying and some of the other kids gathered around her to pray for her—sweet!

It was a joy to see our church members and Club families seeking God. It was sad to hear stories of lost dreams. Our families need your prayers; they need God’s help to become more like Him and become the people He wants them to be.


Posted May 12, 2012 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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  1. I pray that Natali will be obedient to God, and that tremendous love for God’s will. I pray that God will continue to bless this mission and Natali abundantly.

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