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The elementary class consists of 25 active and sweet 8-10 year olds. Each month, I teach one Bible story. We are currently studying Elijah´s passing on a “double portion of his spirit” to Elisha. As he is taken into Heaven in a chariot of fire, his cloak falls below. Elisha uses it to open the Jordan River just as Elijah had, pleading to God for His power. The river opens, and Elisha realizes that God is with him. He goes forth, and God works miracles through him. Some miracles are spectacular and others are more ordinary. In the same way, God does amazing miracles for us, but He also provides us with daily wonders, that we must be aware of or we´ll miss them–sunshine, friendships, safety, books, a surprise, a hug, a rainshower–these are God´s gifts to us!


Posted May 6, 2012 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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