Food “Baskets”–a great success!   Leave a comment

On Thursday, at the School for Parents, we handed out 11 food baskets to families who live near the flooding. 9 families live in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Iquitos, 3 blocks from our house, called “Invasion” (because the residents started out as squatters; the area has one water spigot  for a hundred homes, which are made of dirt floors, plywood walls, and tin roofs, and nailed together haphazardly). The other 2 families (Treicy and Jhosmeri) live in a village on the water´s edge 30 minutes away.

Thanks to donations, we were able to help 10 needy families—they are very grateful!  We provided weeks’ worth of rice, pasta noodles, cooking oil, salt, sugar, milk, crackers, matches, eggs, drink mix, and spices. The “basket” was a cooking pot!

Please pray for these families who are living at water’s edge for their safety and comfort in this difficult time. The good news is that water has begun to recede, although it will be another 2 months before the flooded homes will be habitable.

Here are the Club kids your donations helped (one might be your sponsored child; some don´t yet have sponsors; let me know if you’d like to do more to help):

  • Oscar (family of 4)
  • Arquimedes, Laura, Rosa, Maira (family of 6)
  • Walter and Hiro (family of 6)
  • Iris, Christina, Fabrizio (family of 5)
  • Greysi and Jazahsiel (family of 4)
  • Annie (family of 4)
  • Natali (family of 5)
  • Brenda and Bianca (family of 5)
  • Evith and Andrea (family of 6)
  • Treicy (family of 5)
  • Jhosmeri, Edinson, and Katerin (family of 5)

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