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3 days with 14 girls: Lucia, Iris, Nicol, Greysi, Treicy, Jhosmery, Danna, Laura, Annie, Gabriela, Barbara, Jennifer, Mery, and Priscila.

Camp was good, but it was hard work and we are exhausted! The girls enjoyed nutritious meals, had times of worship and lessons, memorized verses, did crafts, played games, watched a movie, roasted marshmellows and danced heartily at a bonfire, and presented choreographies. Thanks for praying; it didn´t rain until camp was over, and the kids could play out back! We couldn´t have done it without our team; they are amazing and talented and really stepped up.

The dentist brigade took place on Saturday; photos in Blog entry below.

Cost for both weeks: $800 

  • Food $500
  • 4 cooks $80
  • Materials for crafts, games, and activities $60
  • Nets and balls to play soccer and volleyball $30
  • Materials and marshmellows for bonfire $15
  • Partitions for 3 rooms upstairs $35
  • 3 fans  for 3 rooms $80

Plus we bought a projector for songs, lessons, power point presentations, and movies $400.

We are grateful to Diane for $100 towards camp. We still need $1,100. If you´d like to help, you can still send a donation to Lifesong; put Peru Camp on a post-it note and attach to check. Thanks!


Posted February 19, 2012 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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