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Our local dentist came yesterday on the last day of girls´ camp (and will return this Saturday for boys´ camp). His team taught how to brush teeth correctly and avoid cavities, and good eating and toothbrush habits. They presented the information with a live toothbrush, toothpaste and tooth, and used pictures and a large mouth to keep the kids´ interest; they also interspersed some Christian action songs throughout the presentation. They played a game to quiz the kids and gave out prizes to those who knew the answers. At the end, the doctor and his team handed out toothbrushes and paste (donated by one of our supporters) and helped the kids brush their teeth (repeatedly if needbe). Lastly they gave the kids fluoride treatments. Thanks to the Four Hills Assembly of God congregation and a LaGrange homeschool group for donating $700 to cover this worthy project. We love caring for the bodies, souls, and minds of our kids!


Posted February 19, 2012 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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  1. Yay!! Fun to see the dentist brigade in action!! Thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂

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