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VBS was amazing! Kids came and learned and had fun. The lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit went so well. The songs, games, memory verses, puppets, skit, choreography, crafts, and activity sheets all helped to reinforce the theme. Mama Luz illustrated our need for the Spirit in our lives by blowing on her thumb to try to inflate the balloons on her other fingers; it didn´t work. We must be connected to the Source for Him to help us develop the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

Each day the kids wrote in their Fruit of the Spirit booklets the definition for the fruit/s of the day and the memory verses, adding the representative fruit (each element of the Fruit of the Spirit was represented by a fruit: goodness—banana), and coloring.

65 kids came Monday, 80 Tuesday—the numbers increased every day to 100 kids! On Sunday, for regular Club, there were 105 children! We didn´t have enough food to go around (although we made it stretch) so we´ll be increasing the budget for Club. Wow!!!


  • Monday-Friday, the kids received sandwiches, drinks, and snacks. Saturday we served a nice meal and fruit salad.
  • On Monday, the kids made cards to give to their parents to show love.
  • On Tuesday, they learned about peace through a puppet show.
  • On Wednesday, in a skit about patience, Josué played Simeon, who waited many years to see Jesus. I was Mary and Joela was young toddler (you gotta check out those photos in the Blog!).
  • On Thursday, the kids planted seeds in a cup of dirt to remind them that developing the Fruit of the Spirit takes time and needs nurturing, by reading Scripture and being with other believers.
  • On Friday, to explain Self-Control, the dance group performed a choreography to show that we must stop at sin and go at love. They are dressed in the colors of the stop light. I taught Red Light Green Light, a game I grew up with; the kids loved it!
  • On Saturday, the kids participated in a competition for memory verses, bringing friends, best activity sheet work, and arriving on time.

Cost $450:

  • Lessons, materials, prizes, photocopies $122
  • Food and fruit $188
  • 2 wooden tables, 4 benches $140

We calculated the cost would be $250 for 80 kids, but with the increase of children, we had to buy more things (food, fruit, copies, prizes, and tables for the kids to sit at—many were standing). So at the end it cost $450. We did not receive a donation specifically for this project.


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