Joela´s Favorite Things   1 comment

Today Joela is 8 months old. Her favorite things are:

  • Color: pink
  • Theme song: Friends “I’ll be there for you”
  • Fruit: pear purée
  • Food: bread
  • Drink: milk, of course!
  • Vegetable: carrots
  • Movie: Rio
  • Music Video: Extreme Kids Adoración (worship)
  • CD: “Niños Adorando” (children worshiping)
  • Toys: box to sit in, cables, cell phone, anything she can suck on
  • Toys actually for babies: rattle, keys, balls
  • Stuffed animal: blue bunny
  • Activities: ride in motorcycle, bath time
  • Positions: jumping, standing up, walking her, dancing with her, kicking balls
  • Song: “This is the day that the Lord has made” in English and Spanish
  • People: Mama and Papa
  • To show us affection: sucks our cheeks
  • Abilities: puts everything in her mouth, rolls from sitting position to stomach, scoots backwards like a crab, grabs leaves from plants, laughs, throws things on the floor and waits for the object to throw it again, stands alone for a few seconds, takes off socks and hat or anything on her head or feet, raises arms to be picked up, reaches for things, flies in the air, closes mouth to refuse food, pulls herself up (holding on to our hands) from lying to sitting to standing position, high fives, drums two objects together—to the beat of music, claps, pulls things, sings: ahhhhhhhhh!
  • Goal: to crawl

Posted September 11, 2011 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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  1. Joela is adorable! I cannot wait to meet my great niece!
    Love, Aunt Susan

    GREAT Aunt Susan

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