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Today is Josue´s birthday! The birds sang, the sun shone bright and the waves crashed with joy, just as the day he was born (according to him!). Joela awoke us early, and she and I sang Happy Birthday to Josue (she hummed shrilly and clapped her hands to the beat). Then Josue opened birthday letters from his parents, brothers, niece, Joela, and me (I´d brought them from Iquitos); they blessed him. He chatted with some family members as well. After a delicious lunch, Josue tried his hand at surfing; he enjoyed catching a few waves, but the paddling out to sea wore him out, and the water was cold; still he hopes to try again soon. Check out the 4th photo–he´s a pro! We enjoyed the sunset from our balcony, listening to the hypnotizing sound of the waves hit the rocky shore, “whoosh, whoosh,” while Joela played with her toys. It was a special day.


Posted August 13, 2011 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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  1. Happy Birthday Josue!

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