Boys´ Camp: July 28-29   2 comments

Happy Independence Day, Peru!

The boys started out the day by singing the national anthem to the flag. The rest of the camp was similar in schedule to the girls (see “Girls´ Camp” entry below). At first, the boys were more reserved than the girls had been, but by the evening, they were bonding and laughing, running around, and making a lot of noise, as only boys can. During my teaching on resisting the devil´s attacks, I asked what makes us strong; the answer should have been “Praise” but one kid answered, “Vegetables!” In the afternoon, they played games in the field—it had rained, so they were a muddy mess, just how boys like to be—and they cleaned up nicely for Mama Luz´s class. She taught on letting God heal our hearts, and the kids prayed to ask God for inner healing and help to live for Him. Then they spent time actively worshipping. That night, Joela and I enjoyed the bonfire—roasting marshmellows and playing games—with the group.

The boys were divided into 3 groups:

  • Daniel´s group, with Meshi as youth leader: Anderson Lopez, Rangel (twin), Beto, Patrik, Edy
  • Jonathan´s group, with Paolo as youth leader: Arquimedes, Oscar, Juan Carlos (twin), Dorian
  • Josué´s group, with Johan as youth leader and Jonás as helper: Walter, Jahasiel, Jean Franco, Anderson M

We had a thank you dinner for the leaders on Friday evening (Joela helped serve the rice, see last photo).


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2 responses to “Boys´ Camp: July 28-29

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  1. Rachel, I look at all the pictures Hayden H. sends and read the text. Enjoy it all. We’ve had a very hot summer, up to 98 degrees and little rain. Hard to grow anything in the garden. I was on your Dad’s Citizens Advisory Committees for 15 or 20 years. We are still meeting. Best wishes to you, husband, daughter in your teaching and helping the children.
    Betty Wilborn

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