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We began Camp Seeds of Love by remembering Jhanderly—her parents came to participate in the welcoming ceremony (they were touched and said, “If our daughter is in heaven and life after death is real, we want to accept Christ so we can see her again one day!”)

The girls were divided into 3 groups:

  • My group was: Danna, Greysi, Lucero, Priscila, Karen, Barbara, Jhosmery, and youth leader Vasti.
  • Irene´s group was: Marjori, Iris, Annie, Ariana, Lucia, Lony, and youth leader Paola.
  • Mama Luz´s group was: Laura, Treici, Jennifer, Estefani, Nicole, Rayza, and youth leader Isabel.

After they put their overnight packs into their make-shift rooms, everyone came back together to sing a few songs.

Then I taught the first session, introducing the theme, inner healing, with Psalm 8:2, With praises from children and from tiny infants, you have built a fortress. It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless.” I explained how the devil tries to make us fall with addictions, abuses, immorality, and violence. But we who are in Christ have the power to silence these things through praise. This verse says that children have that power! I prayed a prayer of salvation with the girls, as having the Holy Spirit in us is the first step to inner healing.

Two moms came for the week to cook the meals. They stayed (with their young children) in the kitchen, which we finished painting a fresh sky blue color last week. We also bought a fan. So now it´s a clean and inviting place. After lunch and a rest time, there were 2 hours of games and competitions in the soccer field out back. The girls were able to let loose and be free-spirited (they have a lot of responsibilities and burdens at home, so it was great to see them be kids)!

Then Mama Luz taught on how we have broken hearts and how God wants to restore our hearts to completion. We prayed over the girls, who wept—these kids have suffered so much pain, abandonment, and insecurities. They grow up too fast. I had a special prayer with Iris, a 10-year-old who carries the burdens of an adult due to her difficult home life. She cried and hugged me. It was an amazing time.

After dinner, Papa Jorge shared a devotional on obedience, and then the kids had fun at a bonfire out back, roasting marshmellows, playing games, and letting go of hurts (symbolized by popping balloons).

Back in the make-shift dorm room, I spent a few minutes chatting and praying with my group. Lights out was at 10:30pm.

The next morning, after a devotional, breakfast, and some more games and songs, Jonathan taught on praise—how thanking God and putting Him first (1) gives us strength to obey Him and (2) keeps the enemy away. He taught them two praise songs that they can use when faced with problems.

Each group presented a skit. After lunch, I handed out prizes to the winning group (based on obedience, service, and team work) and prayed to dismiss our first girls´ camp. At a short team meeting, the leaders shared how well it had gone, how much we enjoyed the girls—who begged for the camp to last longer—and how they had fun, made friends, and experienced inner healing and peace; so it was a success.

Thanks for your prayers! Now on to the Boys´ Camp…


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