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I taught about the 3 sins that Satan tempted Jesus with:  lust of the flesh (turn stone into bread), lust of the eyes (worship me and I’ll give you authority over the world), and the pride of life (jump from the temple and the angels will catch you). We can avoid falling into temptation by having God´s Word in our hearts.

I introduced the subject with a game: One kid was blindfolded with obstacles in his way; another was the voice of truth, guiding him around the obstacles (as God does); the others were yelling at him to do the opposite (as Satan does). By taking small steps and listening closely to the one true voice, he made it through the course with few errors. Afterward he confessed how confusing it was to hear the voice of truth over the other voices and how hard he had to listen and trust, in order to go the right way.


Posted July 24, 2011 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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