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Boys´ Camp: July 28-29   2 comments

Happy Independence Day, Peru!

The boys started out the day by singing the national anthem to the flag. The rest of the camp was similar in schedule to the girls (see “Girls´ Camp” entry below). At first, the boys were more reserved than the girls had been, but by the evening, they were bonding and laughing, running around, and making a lot of noise, as only boys can. During my teaching on resisting the devil´s attacks, I asked what makes us strong; the answer should have been “Praise” but one kid answered, “Vegetables!” In the afternoon, they played games in the field—it had rained, so they were a muddy mess, just how boys like to be—and they cleaned up nicely for Mama Luz´s class. She taught on letting God heal our hearts, and the kids prayed to ask God for inner healing and help to live for Him. Then they spent time actively worshipping. That night, Joela and I enjoyed the bonfire—roasting marshmellows and playing games—with the group.

The boys were divided into 3 groups:

  • Daniel´s group, with Meshi as youth leader: Anderson Lopez, Rangel (twin), Beto, Patrik, Edy
  • Jonathan´s group, with Paolo as youth leader: Arquimedes, Oscar, Juan Carlos (twin), Dorian
  • Josué´s group, with Johan as youth leader and Jonás as helper: Walter, Jahasiel, Jean Franco, Anderson M

We had a thank you dinner for the leaders on Friday evening (Joela helped serve the rice, see last photo).


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Girls´Camp: July 26-27   Leave a comment

We began Camp Seeds of Love by remembering Jhanderly—her parents came to participate in the welcoming ceremony (they were touched and said, “If our daughter is in heaven and life after death is real, we want to accept Christ so we can see her again one day!”)

The girls were divided into 3 groups:

  • My group was: Danna, Greysi, Lucero, Priscila, Karen, Barbara, Jhosmery, and youth leader Vasti.
  • Irene´s group was: Marjori, Iris, Annie, Ariana, Lucia, Lony, and youth leader Paola.
  • Mama Luz´s group was: Laura, Treici, Jennifer, Estefani, Nicole, Rayza, and youth leader Isabel.

After they put their overnight packs into their make-shift rooms, everyone came back together to sing a few songs.

Then I taught the first session, introducing the theme, inner healing, with Psalm 8:2, With praises from children and from tiny infants, you have built a fortress. It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless.” I explained how the devil tries to make us fall with addictions, abuses, immorality, and violence. But we who are in Christ have the power to silence these things through praise. This verse says that children have that power! I prayed a prayer of salvation with the girls, as having the Holy Spirit in us is the first step to inner healing.

Two moms came for the week to cook the meals. They stayed (with their young children) in the kitchen, which we finished painting a fresh sky blue color last week. We also bought a fan. So now it´s a clean and inviting place. After lunch and a rest time, there were 2 hours of games and competitions in the soccer field out back. The girls were able to let loose and be free-spirited (they have a lot of responsibilities and burdens at home, so it was great to see them be kids)!

Then Mama Luz taught on how we have broken hearts and how God wants to restore our hearts to completion. We prayed over the girls, who wept—these kids have suffered so much pain, abandonment, and insecurities. They grow up too fast. I had a special prayer with Iris, a 10-year-old who carries the burdens of an adult due to her difficult home life. She cried and hugged me. It was an amazing time.

After dinner, Papa Jorge shared a devotional on obedience, and then the kids had fun at a bonfire out back, roasting marshmellows, playing games, and letting go of hurts (symbolized by popping balloons).

Back in the make-shift dorm room, I spent a few minutes chatting and praying with my group. Lights out was at 10:30pm.

The next morning, after a devotional, breakfast, and some more games and songs, Jonathan taught on praise—how thanking God and putting Him first (1) gives us strength to obey Him and (2) keeps the enemy away. He taught them two praise songs that they can use when faced with problems.

Each group presented a skit. After lunch, I handed out prizes to the winning group (based on obedience, service, and team work) and prayed to dismiss our first girls´ camp. At a short team meeting, the leaders shared how well it had gone, how much we enjoyed the girls—who begged for the camp to last longer—and how they had fun, made friends, and experienced inner healing and peace; so it was a success.

Thanks for your prayers! Now on to the Boys´ Camp…

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Pink   Leave a comment

   Little girl in pink

In just a blink

You changed me


Not a wrinkle in time

But a life sublime

So happy


It´s okay, I think

That I don´t sleep a wink

Someday I will


And then I´ll miss

This incomparable bliss

I´ll want it still


My complaints shrink

Of diapers that stink

I don´t mind


You´re the cutest thing

You make my heart sing

You´re a find


I´ll never forget

These days well spent

When you´re five feet tall


So I dress you up

In colors of love

My baby doll

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Club: Avoiding Temptation   Leave a comment

I taught about the 3 sins that Satan tempted Jesus with:  lust of the flesh (turn stone into bread), lust of the eyes (worship me and I’ll give you authority over the world), and the pride of life (jump from the temple and the angels will catch you). We can avoid falling into temptation by having God´s Word in our hearts.

I introduced the subject with a game: One kid was blindfolded with obstacles in his way; another was the voice of truth, guiding him around the obstacles (as God does); the others were yelling at him to do the opposite (as Satan does). By taking small steps and listening closely to the one true voice, he made it through the course with few errors. Afterward he confessed how confusing it was to hear the voice of truth over the other voices and how hard he had to listen and trust, in order to go the right way.

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Picture Frames   Leave a comment

Coloring and gluing together Popsicle sticks, the kids made picture frames.  I put on a carton back and stand, and the kids decorated with stickers.

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Sponsor Needed for Darla   Leave a comment

Darla has been attending Club since we began without fail. She will turn 7 in September and does not have a sponsor. She lives with her mom, who works faithfully in the market place, a very hard job. Would you like to sponsor Darla (see pix in Blog)? Adopting a child consists of 1) praying regularly for your child, 2) writing emails, letters, and cards, 3) sending gifts, and 4) sending donations for special occasions—back to school, birthday, and Christmas. Thanks for caring for the least of these. Let me know if you want to adopt Darla, a charming, stylish, and happy little girl.

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Blessed Children   1 comment

Thanks to a generous gift from Rosemarie, that allowed us to take 4 kids shopping, including her new sponsored child, in honor of Jhanderly (a Club kid who recently died). We received several other donations this month for sponsored children; we took them shopping for things they needed. It was a blessing and made them very happy, as you can tell in the photos. Let me know if you want to sponsor one of our children.

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