Josue´s (Father´s) Day/ Denise and Tim   2 comments

My stepmom and nephew arrived Saturday morning. They participated in the Saturday activity and then took Josué and me out to eat. Sunday they enjoyed Club, where the kids presented choreographies and poems for Father´s Day. I took Josué and gang out for lunch at a special fish restaurant. Tim enjoyed driving our motorcycle, as the restaurant was on a road with less traffic. (Josué rode behind him, and Denise, Joela, and I went in the motorcar. He did great, Tim´s Mom—don´t worry!) We then went to Josue´s aunts where Tim picked coconuts and we drank the milk.

Joela made Josué a card (feet imprint) and gave him flowers and a balloon for his special day. He is a great dad and I am grateful for how he cares for Joela and how we work together in rearing her.

Sunday afternoon, Denise took us out for ice cream in Josué´s honor. In the evening, we attended church, which was focused on Father´s Day, with the same choreographies by the kids and a snack. Denise and Tim greeted the church family and were given a warm reception.


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  1. hey rachel…many thanks on all ur emails lol, we apprecaite it, again, sorry to hear of the little jnderly, yes she’s in a better place, and we’ll get to see her soon….love baby joela…shes sweeet , looks like
    eden at that time…. she eden will be a year soon.
    So again may God bless u on ur work, continue….hope to see u someday hugs….

  2. oh love all baby joela photos….

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