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Happy Mother´s Day to me! Since it´s my first mother´s day, I thought I’d brag on and share about Joela, who will complete 4 months on Wednesday.

I thought that with the birth of the baby, I would have a rest. But after a busy first month with Joela, life has just gotten busier! Caring for the baby (nursing, etc), house, and children´s ministry take most of my time. I sleep about 6 hours a night (dispersed not together), so I’m tired. Since February, we´ve had VBS and church camp, the weekly Saturday program and Sunday Club, a monthly school for parents, and baptism classes, plus other activities with the kids and church. We´ve had several visitors. I tutor English during the week. Josué and I went to the movies last week, which was fun; we saw Rio (Becky babysat). My stepmom comes in June. Josué, Joela, and I will go to Lima in June or July for Joela’s American passport; it took a couple months to do her paperwork and get her Peruvian ID card (like our social security number).

Joela is very observant, cute, smart. She puts her hands together, likes colors and music. She startles easily, doesn´t cry much when hungry, communicates her needs in other ways— uses eye contact and talks “ah ooo a goo thu do aaa be goo” (adorable). She cries some when tired sometimes, but she´s really a good baby. She loves to be carried, doesn´t like the sling, carrier, or stroller (yet). She doesn´t like to lie on her back, and prefers to sit up. Spoiled! She likes to hold her key chain in her left hand! She just started to play, mostly with Josué. Her favorite pastime is watching the fan (I try but get dizzy), also colorful curtains and motorcars—things that move, but she hasn´t played with toys in her hand. She lies on her ocean mat and will touch and kick the mobiles—that lasts about 5 minutes a day! She says a lot of sounds and mimics us (the other day she repeated “gravedad” (gravity)! She´s said coo–kie, Jo–sué, Ra–chel, good girl, etc. She was “talking” at 2 months and watches our mouths and forms her mouth and salivates like she wants to speak; well, she does say sounds, mostly “a-goo”!

She weighs 17 lbs. and is 25 inches long. She´s long, plump and heavy (but not overweight according to the curve chart—well she just lost 2 pounds this week from being sick, she was 19). Carrying her hurts my hernia even with a wrap, but sometimes I must or want to carry her; usually Josué or Becky takes that job. She only has 10 onsies that fit her (Carters brand 9 months, the Gerber won´t go over her head, through her arms or snap at the bottom; Carters brand seems to come larger; if anyone were to send her clothes, make it 12 months, as the 9 month is snug–someone just sent me some Carters 12 months and they fit her nicely. She has a few dresses and pants, which she might wear to church or if we go out and night and the air is chilly. Since it´s so hot here—90 degrees every day, she mostly wears lightweight sleeveless, short nightgowns. She sweats and sleeps well after a cool bath. She looks great in lavender—her skin is turning out to be cinnamon as they call it here—a beautiful mix of our skin tones. She has my brown hair and a clear brown eye color. She smiles a lot—sometimes because of digestion relief but usually because she´s happy! We are sad when she´s sick, as she´s been all this past week. No one sleeps and she cries from pain and respiration difficulties. But overall, in these 4 months, she´s a fun kid—Josué and I love her, love being her parents.

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