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Saturday, April 23, at the program, the kids worked on their baskets and colored a cut-out Easter egg to paste to the front. There were over 60 children, so we couldn´t help them all, and thus they completed the activity on April 30. Vasti helped the younger kids color an Easter egg and weave a string through it. 

We give out a snack at the end of the class.

In order to better invest in the kids and be able to teach classes (music, English, poetry), we plan to continue to teach only arts and crafts until fewer children are attending regularly.

Easter Sunday at Club, Mama Luz taught all the kids together. There were 90 kids!!! Several new kids came plus all the regulars. Mama Luz explained that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. I explained that the Easter egg symbolizes the tomb of Christ and, when cracked, symbolizes His resurrection. The kids colored hard-boiled eggs. Then they ate their eggs with stir-fried rice and vegetables.

April 30, Vasti helped the little ones decorate a name card. We bought a nice wooden table just their size, which you can see that they are enjoying.


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