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Yesterday, April 16, we began the Saturday Project, which will take place every Saturday afternoon. 60 children came, and they had a wonderful time. 

The schedule is as following:

4-4:15 Devotional

4:15-5:15 Craft. The current craft is a paper Easter basket (Vasti did a heart craft with the youngest kids).

5:15-6 Games. Josue organized a race with eggs balanced on a spoon.

6 Snack. We served vanilla wafers, manderine halves, and juice.

(We will add English, poetry, literature, guitar and keyboard, and computation later on. We are waiting for donations for this project and also to put in the ceiling upstairs—it´s too hot without the ceiling.)

If you would like to contribute toward this project, please make note on a sticky note when you send the check to Wordsower. Always put Rachel Deal, and in addition, put Saturday Project. We need $250/month to cover expenses for the craft, materials, photocopies, and a meal (until we receive our complete budget we will only provide a snack).


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2 responses to “Saturday Project

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  1. It is so good to see the kids, again, through the pictures!
    It brings tears to my eyes, and makes me “homesick”

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