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Today we celebrated one of our Club kids´ birthdays. Dorian turned 8 years old. He and his brother Anderson M. are our most faithful Club kids, coming every Sunday and most events, since we began this ministry 3 years ago. Dorian´s sponsor sent us money, so last week, I took him shopping for clothes, shoes, a backpack, and marbles (he chose to share his donation with his brother Anderson). We made him a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday at Club. He´d never had a birthday party, so he was surprised and excited.

Karen received a box of goodies from her sponsor for her 16th birthday; her family hadn´t been able to afford anything for her birthday so this made it a special day for her.

I took Gabriela shopping at the Christian book store; she bought 3 worship CDs and a Bible quiz book that were gifts from her sponsor.

Thanks, Sponsors, for caring for our kids! If you want to be a sponsor, we have many kids who still need to be adopted. We ask that you pray for them regularly and send occasional packages and/or donations (especially for birthday, Christmas, and school). Thank you for blessing this ministry in a direct and special way!

Note: The Christian store has books, CDs, DVDs, shirts, bookmarks, stickers, and Bibles. If you are interested in giving such a gift to your adopted child, send a donation to Wordsower (on a post-it note, put “Rachel Deal” and the name of your adopted child). This is cheaper than sending a gift and the child enjoys the outing.


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