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Alberto is 14 years old. He comes from a village 5 days away by boat. A year ago, his parents sent him to Iquitos to work with a friend, with the hopes that he would have a better life than he did in the village. He has been working for the last year. He wanted to study but couldn´t, as he had to work just to pay for room and board. We met him when we built our home, as he lived next door to us. He spent all of his free time with us, either hanging out or helping around the house, and we saw that he takes care of things, is responsible and fun, and wants to go to school. In addition to providing a Christian education, we want to give underprivileged children an opportunity to go to school, leaving the vicious cycle of poverty, in order to have a better life by earning a degree, having a profession, getting a job, and providing for their families.  

Daniel, Jonathan, and Alberto worked hard to complete the dorm room and bathrooms upstairs in Block 4. They painted the dormitory. We got the wooden door and window to the dormitory put in, and one for one of the bathrooms (here everything is made by hand, so it´s expensive and slow). We also put in glass plates in the small window to help keep out rain. So now Alberto has a place to stay (see pix in Blog).  A sponsor has agreed to help cover his expenses—for school (which began April 4—he entered 7th grade), food (he eats his meals at Mama Luz´s house), clothes, bus fare to school, and personal needs. We are hopeful that by sowing seeds of love into him—this year and, if it works out, until he graduates high school, he will learn to walk faithfully with God and will have a better life.

His parents came to visit for a few weeks; it was great to meet them. Alberto hadn´t seen them for over a year, so it was good for him to spend some time with them.




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