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March 2, 2011, my grandma went to be with Jesus. I´d be devastated if I didn´t have faith in Heaven and eternal life with Jesus for all who believe. And I am sad (for me, my mom, my aunt Susan, and for Josué and Joela her didn´t get to meet her). But because of that faith, and because my grandma believed, I know she´s with Jesus in Heaven. And she´s well. Not suffering or sad. What´s more, she´s reunited with those already there, including my grandpa. She´s happy.

I will miss her. But I will admit, this last year, she wasn´t able to communicate much. I went to see her in October, and she knew I was pregnant (see second picture), but it wasn´t the same. Before she fell and broke her hip and was bed-ridden, she was busy–cooking, cleaning, writing, reading the Bible, gardening, feeding hummingbirds. When I went to visit, she´d always make me oatmeal for breakfast, and talk to me (see first picture). She is one of my best friends ever, a great listener, a good sense of humor, eyes that sparkle. She always wore a pearl necklace (note both pictures, taken at least 10 years apart), and I like to think that she is a pearl, a special treasure.

This is not good-bye, but see you later. I´m glad I have a childhood of memories, happy times in Mamaw´s house. I´m glad that as I got older, I went to visit her, or called her on the phone. I´m grateful for her advice to not look back but to trust God for the future and enjoy the present. She gave me an inheritance of walking with Jesus daily, as Josué’s grandma, who is also in Heaven, gave to him. This we will pass on to Joela. That´s our thank you.


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