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The “adopt a child” program has taken off. Many kids are receiving gifts for their birthdays, Christmas, or just because. What joy it is to see these children receive their gifts. Many sponsors have sent financial donations. We take the children out to shop for things they need and want.  (Some kids invite their siblings, as they want to share the blessing; some sponsors permit us to use part of their donation to share with siblings). Other sponsors have sent packages. The kids love to open presents too!

A special thanks to JoAnn, Jennifer´s sponsor, who sent a lot of children´s clothes to share with the kids, and to Rosemarie, Jhanderly´s sponsor, who sent several pairs of flipflops. You can see in the picture that 17 children were blessed with these gifts.

Kids in picture: Barbara (10), *Yoli (3), Maria Esther (8), Christina (4), *Brenda (6), Estefani (8), Jhon Franco (10), Patric (7), *Darla (6), Laura (12), Rochy (6),* Bianca (4), Maira (8), *Ariela (6), *Daniela (7), Anny (6), *Kimberly (5). (Those with * still need sponsors.)

Kids who have recently received gifts from their sponsors: Jhanderly (10), Barbara (10),  Marcelo (5), Jennifer (9)

Kids who have recently received monetary donations and been taken shopping: Daniel (5) and Andrea (3), Cristina (4) and Iris (8); Maria Esther (8) , David (5), and Maria de Pilar (12); Paola (15), Evith (7), and Andrea (5)

NOTE: There is a Christian book store here, if you would want to send a donation for a Bible and Christian books.

Thanks to all who are praying for your adopted kids and who have given donations or sent packages. You make these kids happy and help them have better lives.

Many kids still do not have sponsors. If you are interested, contact me, or Renee at brereneematt@att.net.




Posted December 5, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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