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On October 31, I celebrated 34 years of life outside the womb! Thanks to my parents for giving me life, especially my mom for the sacrifice of pregnancy and birth, not at all as romantic as it seems in novels and movies!

On October 30, Josué threw me a sweet birthday party with family and close friends. He bought pumpkins with candy to give out to the guests and his sister decorated the living room with streamers and spider webs. A special touch especially in a city that doesn´t celebrate Halloween. We don´t “celebrate” Halloween either, but I enjoyed the decorations that made it seem a little more at home. His sister made one of my favorite Peruvian meals, “aji de gallina,” and he bought a coconut cake. He gave me a pretty plant and a flower bouquet. We played a “find the roving balls blindfolded and put one at a time in the bag” game; the boys turned it into a wrestling match which was hilarious. I was especially touched when Josué, with tears in his eyes, shared his gratefulness for our marriage and spoke a blessing over me.


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