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Last week was busy and productive:

 KITCHEN: We spent $700 on things needed to begin using the ministry kitchen–pots, serving utensils, plastic ware, cleaning supplies, gas for stove, etc.

 CHRISTMAS: With a donation from Nueva Vida Christian Church, we bought Christmas gifts for the kids: English/Spanish dictionaries for the older kids, a 9-in-1 magnetic board game for the elementary kids, puzzles and blocks for the younger children, and baby dolls and balls for the babies. Also hygienic things–a supporter from Southeast church donated toothbrushes and paste, which helped allay costs.

 We are still in need of donations for the Christmas meal, which we traditionally serve to the children and their parents at a special Christmas party, if you would want to help in this way.

MATCHING PROGRAM: I am grateful to all who are giving toward this $10,000 goal. As you know, $2,500 was raised and matched in September and October, and that´s the $5000 we´ve used for the recent purchases, construction work, children´s ministry, and personal budget. We have received another $2,500, so we should have at least $5,000 coming in soon. Actually, for November and December, we are praying for $6000 to 7000 so we can get the most essential of the construction upstairs (one classroom and a dorm) finished before the baby is born mid-January.

CLUB: I gave out candy to the kids in honor of my birthday; they sang to me.The lessons in each class went really well, although numbers were down a little. Pray that the children are faithful to attend so that we can minister to their spirits and help them materially as well.

BABY: I’ve reached the third trimester (27 weeks). I am not nauseous, and the baby is very active; but I´m tired and hot. Buying the purchases, I had to walk for hours in extreme heat. It´s been 90 degrees every day, but some showers did cool things down. Pray for daily rain and that I sleep better.

Thanks for partnering with us.


Posted November 1, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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