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Although I am–finally–in the States, ministry continues in Iquitos.

The kitchen is about complete, and we are beginning to buy appliances. I purchased the stove right before I left.

The decorative rock out front that Vasti and I spray painted now has a cross with the initials JC (Jesus Christ, also our baby).

At Club, the series is on Christian values and Godly living. It’s a blessing to be able to teach so many kids to walk God’s path.

Two of our kids. siblings Christofer and Lucero, have been coming to church in rags (albeit clean ones). They are our poorest kids and really sweet and faithful since they began almost a year ago. I gave Mama Luz money to take them to buy clothes. They were surprised and grateful. “We never expected anything like this–thanks so much!”

The swing set is a hit. The kids are learning to share. Now we need more things for the kids to play on…Next project 🙂

The ceiling is complete–helps to keep out heat and dust.

Prayer Request: Last week, for the first time ever, a hurricane (with strong winds and storms) passed through Iquitos, destroying many houses. Please pray for those affected. We are grateful for good construction; we had no damage to our roof or house and very little flooding.


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