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Another sleepless night. Constant pain in my legs and abdomen (the baby is growing and moving, and the hernia is protruding). I so wanted to throw a pity party and invite just me.

Then I remembered what I saw yesterday evening. Lony, one of my Club kids, was sweeping the street curb and picking up trash. She´s 11. I’ve seen her selling popcorn and felt sad that she had to work instead of play. But this? How poor, how desperate is her family that it´s come to this? My pity party was immediately cancelled and I began to weep for my kids.

 So many of my kids and their families are part of the majority of the world who survive on a dollar or two a day. I feel ridiculously blessed, even rich, with my small income. My child will have nutritious food and a bed with sheets and running water. He won´t have only rice to eat, or a dirt floor to sleep on, or a bucket to bathe from.

My heart breaks for my 80 Club kids, some of Peru´s poorest. They need our prayers for safety, health, and well-being and our support—friendship and finances. We can do our part to make the scale of injustice just a little more balanced. Help us, Lord, use the resources You have entrusted to us wisely.


Posted September 2, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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