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Welcome to our beautiful yet unassuming home/children’s ministry/church. Stop by when you can!


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The past two weeks, the theme for the kids has been: Jesus lives in my heart and God’s Word is truth. Keep praying for these lessons to become real and living in their lives.

Pix of baby in orange: Our friends David and Daisy came to visit and brought their growing son, Josue David.

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“Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor.” Proverbs 22:9   Leave a comment

poverty + poverty = poverty

poverty + opportunity = hope

poverty + taking advantage of opportunity = escape from poverty

 The heart of our ministry is to provide opportunities for the children. But they must do their part and take advantage of those opportunities. In working together, through spiritual and academic education, we can help them escape from a life of extreme poverty.

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Although I am–finally–in the States, ministry continues in Iquitos.

The kitchen is about complete, and we are beginning to buy appliances. I purchased the stove right before I left.

The decorative rock out front that Vasti and I spray painted now has a cross with the initials JC (Jesus Christ, also our baby).

At Club, the series is on Christian values and Godly living. It’s a blessing to be able to teach so many kids to walk God’s path.

Two of our kids. siblings Christofer and Lucero, have been coming to church in rags (albeit clean ones). They are our poorest kids and really sweet and faithful since they began almost a year ago. I gave Mama Luz money to take them to buy clothes. They were surprised and grateful. “We never expected anything like this–thanks so much!”

The swing set is a hit. The kids are learning to share. Now we need more things for the kids to play on…Next project 🙂

The ceiling is complete–helps to keep out heat and dust.

Prayer Request: Last week, for the first time ever, a hurricane (with strong winds and storms) passed through Iquitos, destroying many houses. Please pray for those affected. We are grateful for good construction; we had no damage to our roof or house and very little flooding.

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Errands, Ceiling, and Overcoming Obstacles

This has been a productive week. I got a lot accomplished that I hadn´t felt like doing over the past few months. Vasti spent a vacation day with me running errands, and we painted a decorative rock out front. I had a plaque made for our swing set in honor of the kids who donated it. We got our motorcycle back yesterday—Josué spent the week having it worked on. It looks new; now we can once again go out. Last night we bought hula hoops, balls, and jump ropes for the Club class today.

We got our ceiling put up. Finally, no more saw dust falling on us! Every day since we moved in, I have had to shake our sheets, dust the house, and sweep. Everything left out (clothes, dishes) had to be shaken or cleaned. Josué´s 3 brothers and a church fellow prepared about 50 ply-boards with petroleum and a special venom to prevent insects from eating the wood; then they fit, cut, and nailed the boards to the temporary ceiling. They are waiting for me to leave to do my room, but the rest of the house is complete. It was good that I could be here to help (moving stuff from one room to another, cleaning, even holding up a few boards when everyone else was busy!)—I’m glad I’m feeling better, although Baby J is moving a lot and causing me pain, especially at night. He calms down when Josué puts his hand on the baby bump and talks to him. While I know that the movement is healthy, it gives me a few moments of rest.

This morning at Club, Daniel let me teach his class—elementary age—it´s our largest class with over 30 very active children. We began a series on values. Today´s value was Don´t give up. We made an obstacle course for the kids to learn to not give up—a maze, jump rope, hula hoops, balls, jumping, crawling thru a tire, etc. Then I told two Bible stories: a blind beggar who sought Jesus for healing even when the people tried to hold him back, and Zacchaeus who did not let his small stature keep him from seeking out Jesus (Luke 18:35-19:6). Afterward, I shared the story of Ben Carson, the famous Black brain surgeon who came from a poor home and had to work hard to beat the odds. He writes in his book Gifted Hands,

“We all have difficulties along the way. How we view them determines how we end up. If we choose to see the obstacles as barriers, we stop trying. However, if we choose to see them as hurdles, we can leap over them. Successful people don´t have fewer problems. They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.”

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Scale of Injustice   Leave a comment

Another sleepless night. Constant pain in my legs and abdomen (the baby is growing and moving, and the hernia is protruding). I so wanted to throw a pity party and invite just me.

Then I remembered what I saw yesterday evening. Lony, one of my Club kids, was sweeping the street curb and picking up trash. She´s 11. I’ve seen her selling popcorn and felt sad that she had to work instead of play. But this? How poor, how desperate is her family that it´s come to this? My pity party was immediately cancelled and I began to weep for my kids.

 So many of my kids and their families are part of the majority of the world who survive on a dollar or two a day. I feel ridiculously blessed, even rich, with my small income. My child will have nutritious food and a bed with sheets and running water. He won´t have only rice to eat, or a dirt floor to sleep on, or a bucket to bathe from.

My heart breaks for my 80 Club kids, some of Peru´s poorest. They need our prayers for safety, health, and well-being and our support—friendship and finances. We can do our part to make the scale of injustice just a little more balanced. Help us, Lord, use the resources You have entrusted to us wisely.

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