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Club: I loved seeing the children, after several weeks out of town—all the regulars were present. I gave out Christian key chains and other goodies that I bought in Lima to the adolescent class. Joni (Josué´s brother) is teaching this class for the rest of the year. Today he began a series about purity in relationships.

Team: There are currently 8 teachers. We met this afternoon to plan out the rest of the year, including Christmas. Next week, the elementary and primary classes begin teaching a 34-week series on values from good manners and the Bible. That will lead us up to our VBS in January, where we will teach from a series called “Eternal Values” (honesty, responsibility, humility, thankfulness, goodness, friendship, perseverance, obedience, forgiveness, and justice).

We appreciate all donations directed to providing lessons, games, and food for Club; if you want to help provide gifts for Christmas, let me know, or mark “Christmas” on a post-it note when you send in your donation.

Adopt a Kid: Several children were blessed with gifts this week—some donors sent packages from the States; others sent me donations of $5-10 to buy gifts for their Peruvian kids. The kids were very happy—you can see Estefani and Jennifer proudly wearing their new hair accessories today at Club.

Motorcycle: Last month our motorcycle was stolen. We were sad but had given up all hope on recovering our motorcycle and were wondering how to fit a new bike into our tight budget. Yesterday the police informed us that they had caught the thieves, 2 boys, ages 19 and 17—probably gang members. They gave us back our bike—after a lot of paperwork. It is in bad shape, except for—thankfully—the main frame and motor. But they stole, broke, and replaced everything possible (seat, basket, lights, plaque, Plexiglas). It will take a week to repair it and $300—the amount the thieves asked us to pay them for “ransom,” so we are grateful we did the right thing instead of paying them—it worked out for good. Also, the bike is in my name, so I had to be here—yesterday—to claim it, so the whole stand-by ticket fiasco worked out for good as well!

Construction: We completed the sidewalk out front of our house, using broken ceramic pieces for decoration. We added 2 benches, a flower, pot, and some posts. The stairwell received its final cement layer, with rubber strips, and the handrail was painted white.

Thanks for your continued prayers and partnership with us in the children´s ministry. We are here to serve the kids, and we can´t do it without you.


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