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The last week of July, during a school break, we sent 8 of our older Club kids to a youth camp put on by a local church. Over 100 kids from around Iquitos attended the camp. Several young adults from our church went along to chaperone.

Each morning after an early devotional, there was a competition for the neatest dorms (between guys and girls) and then breakfast. At chapel, they sang and heard a message, then the boys and girls split up into classes on a variety of themes concerning the Christian life. After lunch and a short siesta, the kids participated in sports, games, and recreation. Each night after dinner was church (praise and worship, preaching, and dramas presented by the kids). The kids each had a personal experience with God and want to return next year.

Here are their testimonies:
Karen: I learned to work in a team, especially with the competitions, and to do dramas better. I had never been to camp—it was fun—I can´t wait to go back.
Loni: I learned to pray and sing—I really liked the singing.
Rayza: God touched my heart. Although it was hard for me to accept things I’m not used to (different food and schedule, for example), I really enjoyed the camp.
Lucero: I learned that the Word of God is beautiful. I loved worshipping the Lord.
Christofer: God is great and powerful and He never fails. I liked camp, especially the worship, where the songs of adoration broke my heart.
Paola: I liked the morning classes, I learned a lot there, such as the importance of forgiving my parents. I have a strong character and like to speak my mind, I need God´s help to better work in a team.
Priscila: It´s important that I obey my parents and God. The messages and songs touched my heart.
Isabel: I learned to love my parents more and to walk in God´s way. I liked the messages each night by different pastors. I liked getting to meet other young people, and hope to return next year.


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